Family Topics

Date Ideas: 

Having a regular date night with my husband is important - especially since our kids came on the scene. But because we now live on one income and Derek sometimes works long hours, we don't always have the time or the funds for a fancy night out - not to mention the added cost of a babysitter! So we are always on the lookout for fun, inexpensive activities that we can do together as a couple or as a family.


For Couples

For Families



Celebrating holidays, both big and small, together is important to our family. I love to share some of our own special holiday traditions and the simple things we do to build memories with our children.



With two children and three miscarriages, I have spent a good portion of my adult life pregnant! Pregnancy and becoming a mother is one of the most exciting times in a women's life. 


Development Topics:

Kids grow up so fast! Here are a few techniques and tips that worked for us as our children grow from babies to toddlers and beyond!

Food and Fun Recipes:

Cooking time is bonding time and really does bring families together! It's also a great way to teach early math, reading, and chemistry to youngsters. Not only do kids who cook tend to eat more fruits and vegetables, but cooking gives kids a basic and important life skill. Whether you're cooking up a treat together, stocking your freezer with meals for later, or saving a few dollars on bubbles or playdough, you'll end up with a fun, satisfying result!

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  1. Great range of topics! Recipes look good!