Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Sprinkle Birthday Party

This month we celebrated Emma's 2nd birthday! We kept it simple this year, having a new baby, and had a great time with friends and family at a local park.

Last year when Emma had her smash cake, she spent most of the time picking sprinkles off and eating them each individually, and sprinkles still number as one of her favorite things. So we had a sprinkle theme for her 2nd birthday party.

We had a cute verse on her invitation, reading:

Meet us at the park,
We'll slide, swing and play.

You're invited to join us for 
Emma's 2nd Birthday!

We invite you to sprinkle her with love!
It would be the icing on the cake if you came! 

I got a lot of inspiration from this party and all of the food followed the sprinkle theme:
  • grilled hot dogs and brats with ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions so guests could sprinkle their hot dogs with toppings, 
  • some of "nature's sprinkles" like cherry tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, and cucumbers, 
  • water bottles with flavor mix-ins so guests could sprinkle their water with flavor, 
  • and a cupcake decorating station with a variety of frosting and sprinkles.

Decorations and activities included these adorable pom-pom balloons (I couldn't believe they worked!), and stations with crayons and colored pencils where guests could sprinkle some paper with color. The kids played at the park of course, as well as with bubbles and chalk.

We had so much fun, and I thank God for the good weather!

My 3 good things for today are:
  1. Emma's sweet smile!
  2. Her infectious laugh!
  3. All the wonderful memories she's given us over the past two years!

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