Monday, September 3, 2012

Activities for Baby: A Salute to Summer!

As we celebrate Labor Day and slip from glorious summer into autumn (up here in Minnesota, at least), I wanted to do a recap of our Top 10 Favorite Summer Activities from the past three golden months - many of which are free or very, very cheap. Most of these require very little explanation, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

1. Swimming: Emma is a water baby and loves to splash and kick and swim whenever she gets the chance!

2. Playing in the grass: On warm days, it is nice to simply sit on a blanket in the yard - or right on the grass - and breathe in the fresh air, look at bugs and leaves, and explore nature.

3. Walking with the stroller: Emma loves to see the neighborhood (especially the doggies!) and I love the exercise!

4. Walking with the baby: Although we move a lot more slowly when Emma is walking, it is great practice for her little legs and she is able to get a closer view of all the flowers, rocks, grass, puddles, and other treasures along the road.

5. Visiting the park: Most of our walks lead us to the park, where Emma loves to play!

6. Playing in the sand: Emma is a terrific digger and enjoys burying her toys only to rediscover them!

7. Swinging: Usually accompanied by giggles and screams, swinging is - by far - Emma's favorite thing to do at the park.

8. Relaxing in the backyard: Emma loves to sit in the hammock with Daddy!  

9. Camping: Although it can be a challenge to tent camp with a little one, sleeping out under the stars is a great experience to share. Even if outdoor adventures aren't your thing, pitching a tent in the yard for a night or two can be a lot of fun!

10. S'mores: 'Nuff said.

My 3 good things for today are obviously:
  1. Graham crackers
  2. Marshmallows
  3. Chocolate 

What are your favorite summer activities with your kids?


  1. My family of six loves to visit the zoo in the summer months. It's something that my oldest, all the way down to my youngest can enjoy together.

  2. You can't beat the beach on a hot day! Fun and free!