Thursday, January 7, 2016

Emma's Frozen 4th Birthday!

Does anyone else feel like Frozen fever is never going to end? It's still a pretty big deal at our house. So when I asked Emma what kind of birthday party she would like to have, I could've guessed the answer.
However, I was about 8+ months pregnant at the time of her birthday, so her party was a pretty casual, low-key event. 

We did a photo booth with a big blue sheet and a couple signs made out of cardboard. I printed off some fun quotes-on-a-stick from the movie. As always, everyone loves a photo booth! 

I made a few large 3D paper snowflakes to hang from the picnic shelter (you can find the instructions here) and I also found a couple of Disney's Arendelle promotional posters online, and printed them off for decorations.

We did a simple ice cream bar, with a few of Emma's favorite toppings, as well as melted snowman (water with a carrot and some big chunks of ice) and blue frozen punch.

For activities, we had a snowflake toss. (You can find the instructions for making a snowflake or water bomb here.) 
We also had a little craft area where you could decorate a crown, or make a beaded bubble wand out of pipe cleaners. 

 All of the supplies were from the dollar store, so it was very inexpensive, and easy to put together.

The birthday girl had a great day!


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