Friday, August 29, 2014

Emma's 3rd Rapunzel Birthday

We celebrated Emma's 3rd birthday this month with a Tangled-inspired Rapunzel celebration.

Decorations included floating paper lanterns, 'Wanted' posters, a magic golden flower.

 The got to 'pin a flower in Rapunzel's hair' or 'break Flynn's smolder' with a frying pan!

 We had coloring pages and chalk for decorating the sidewalk!

 The kids searched for apples hidden around the park, and all got prizes!

 The food was all Tangled themed. We had princess punch, Pascal's fruit and veggies, Mother Gothel's hazelnut soup (nutella) fruit dip, ruffians and thugs' meat and cheese, and Rapunzel's tower cupcakes! Everything was served in frying pans, of course!

 We had a great time with the photo booth where guests could take their own Wanted poster photos!