Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sprinkles & Bows!

With a title like that, you might think this post was about Emma. But it's not...

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Derek! I love and respect you so much, and I am so lucky to have you!

When you're supporting or raising a family, I think it can be very easy to slip into survival mode sometimes.

Your focus can narrow to just getting through this week at work, or just catching up with the never-ending laundry.

While there are days when just getting by is all we can hope for - and that is fine! - I don't believe we should ever use that as an excuse to let special days slip by.

Earlier this week, Emma and I were both struggling with a bad cough and runny nose, and Derek was working long hours on a project at work, and knew he wouldn't be able to take his birthday off.

When I asked Derek - between a cough and a nose blow - if he was excited for his birthday, he admitted that it felt like it was just going to be "an ordinary day, except it's my birthday."

Maybe it's dorky, but I think your birthday should hold some glitter and mystery and whimsy whether you're 8 or 38 or 88. 

Even if we are on a tight budget, or feeling sick, or just plain busy, I wanted Derek's birthday to be special. 

So while Derek was in the shower this morning, and Emma was still sleeping, I made heart-shaped bacon  and cake batter pancakes for breakfast, complete with sprinkles!

I also wrapped his lunch in birthday wrapping paper, and included a shiny silver bow on his turkey sandwich.

Of course, he will also get his favorite home cooked dinner, and a present from Emma and me when he gets home from work.

But I really hope the little things brightened his day as well. It doesn't have to be expensive, or require a lot of time to prepare.

Sometimes all it takes is sprinkles on your pancakes and a bow on your sandwich to make a day special.


  1. That is so cute!! How were the pancakes?? I've been wanting to try them but was afraid they would be disappointing.

    1. The pancakes were actually better than I expected, considering they came from a boxed mix and a cake mix. They were very light, but cake-like and the sprinkles melted right in - you won't bite into any hard chunks of sprinkles. One recipe review I read recommended adding a little more spice for flavor, so I doubled the vanilla and added cinnamon to the recipe. I also bumped up the vanilla and added almond extract to the pancake glaze as well, so it wouldn't just taste like sugar. Overall, very good!

      We really enjoyed the bacon hearts as well! There will definitely be a repeat of those come Valentines Day!