Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bryson's 2nd Dinosaur Birthday!

At the moment, Bryson is all about animals and dinosaurs. So we decided to host his second birthday at our local zoo, and the dinosaur theme was a given. 

I made about a half-dozen dinosaur signs to decorate the picnic area by searching 'dinosaur silhouettes' on Google, and created the signs in Microsoft Word.

Our menu included such delicacies as stegosaurus sandwiches, herbivore veggies and dino dip, ferocious fruit, Jurassic gelatin, and - of course - fossil cookies. 
The kids had a lot of fun helping me with the cookies. We just did a basic sugar cookie recipe, but made dinosaur footprints in the dough with a little plastic dinosaur, and then sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on top to help the footprints stand out.

To drink, we have bottled Hot Springs water, and green swamp juice. For dessert, dinosaur cupcakes. 

We had a pretty small crew, so I packed individual picnic lunches in white paper bags, and I printed the menu on each bag. 
After opening presents, each of the kids got to crack open their own dinosaur egg. We got a package of little plastic dinosaurs at the dollar store, and the eggs were made using the recipe below:
  • 1-cup all purpose flour
  • 1-cup coffee grounds 
  • 1-cup sand
  • 3/4-cup salt
  • 1/2-cup water
  • four to five small plastic animals or dinosaurs
  • a large bowl and a tray or plate to set the eggs out to dry
Mix the flour, coffee grounds, sand and salt together thoroughly.  Add water. The less water used, the faster the dino eggs will dry. Form your sand mix into an egg shape around your dinosaur. Let dry. Ours took about 3 days on the counter to dry completely on the outside. 

Afterwards, we all had a blast exploring the zoo!

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