Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DIY Mother's Day Gift

We made a simple and cute gift for the Grandmas for Mother's Day.

I had planned on letting the kids finger paint outside, but we had so much rainy weather leading up to Mother's Day and we ended up doing the project on the kitchen floor instead. I just rolled out a large section of butcher paper and let the kids go crazy. We did use washable paint, because I knew that there would be paint on the floor and probably on the cabinets as well.

They had a lot of fun painting and I snapped a few pictures while they were doing it... a few being around 70, just to make sure that we got a good photo. We picked up a pair of two-photo picture frames at Michael's and put in a picture of them fingerpainting as well as a piece of the painted paper.

The project turned out great and the grandmas both loved them!

We spend Mother's Day at the Minnesota Zoo, and had a great time!

Thanks to Macy's, mothers get into the zoo for free during Mother's Day weekend, which made it a fun and affordable outing for our family.

The kids enjoyed seeing the fish, farm animals, and the prairie dogs were an unexpected favorite!

Happy Mother's Day from my family to yours!

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