Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bryson's First Birthday Airplane Party

My, oh my, how time does fly! I can't believe we just celebrated Bryson's first birthday!

The party theme was Up, Up and Away for Bryson's 1st Birthday! All of the food, decorations, and games were airplane themed.

Since it was such a nice day, we held the party at the local park. We decorated the picnic shelter with garlands of flying paper airplanes. 

In addition to a variety of "in flight snacks" we served peanuts and pretzels, "jet fuel" juice and "cumulous cupcakes" with propellers and toy airplanes.

We had a Planes book that guests could sign and write a little birthday message for Bryson, a Baggage Check where guests could drop off presents, an in-flight movie of Bryson's first year, and Baggage Claim where guests could pick up little toy planes, bubbles or a chocolate treat - because our little boy is just plane sweet!

All of the guests played Pin the Propeller on the Airplane, and also a very competitive Paper Airplane Throwing Contest.

We had a little photo booth between two trees and Bryson's amazing Auntie B found a fantastic airplane costume that made for some really adorable pictures!

It was a great day with friends and family, and I know Bryson had fun!


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  1. Oh! Wow! So many cupcakes! It looks like a fun party. I am also planning to book one of the event locations just like this for my nephew’s birthday. I really liked the arrangements and decorations done her. It is superb! I enjoyed going through this post.